You're Probably Thinking ...

  • “I’ve tried everything & nothing has worked.”
  • “I’ve spent thousands of dollars on doctor visits, tests, drugs, and supplements, and nothing helps.”
  • “I’ll never feel good again.”
  • “It may help others but it won’t help me.”
  • “No one can help me.
  • I’ll have to learn to live with it”

I know you ...

  • feel discouraged.
  • have gotten your hopes up before, only to be disappointed time and time again.
  • have spent thousands of dollars, tried dozens of doctors, drugs, supplements, diets, and therapies, and nothing has REALLY helped.
  • are in pain, exhausted, can’t sleep, battle brain fog, low moods, and irritable bowel syndrome symptoms of bloating, gas, and stomach pain.
  • have a get up and go that has got up and went.
  • often feel stressed out, exhausted and misunderstood.
  • have little stressors, loud noises, traffic, travel, shopping, cooking, cleaning, social events, entertaining, even changes in the weather can send you into a fibro flare and make you feel miserable.
  • are living a life with fibromyalgia that isn’t much fun. It’s exhausting.
  • are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  • are enduring years of chronic life draining pain, bone rattling fatigue, sleepless nights, brain fog... and you may be ready to give up.


The Protocols In The Fibro Rescue Training Have Helped Thousands Reduce Or Eliminate Chronic Pain, Fatigue, And Brain Fog

They Can Help You As Well!

Hi, I’m Dr. Rodger Murphree, author of, “Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”

For the last 20 years I’ve been on a mission to help those with fibromyalgia live healthier, happier, more enjoyable lives. Using time tested, clinically proven protocols, I’ve been able to RESCUE thousands of patients from the life draining chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, and brain fog associated with fibromyalgia.

I’ve helped patients in all fifty states, the U.K., Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Pakistan, Iceland, Spain, Brazil, the Bahamas, Australia, and Israel get healthier, dramatically reduce or eliminate their fibro symptoms, and feel good again!

You may think it’s impossible to overcome fibromyalgia, but it’s not!

It can be done, but to do so you’ll need to LEARN SOME KEY CONCEPTS so that you can AVOID the common challenges that keep you sick and tired. But before I reveal how you can overcome fibromyalgia let’s look at WHAT EXACTLY IS FIBROMYALGIA?

From the American College Of Rheumatology ...

“Fibromyalgia (fi·bro·my·al·gi·a) is a condition that causes pain all over the body (also referred to as widespread pain), sleep problems, fatigue, and often emotional and mental distress. People with fibromyalgia may be more sensitive to pain than people without fibromyalgia. This is called abnormal pain perception processing (low pain threshold). Fibromyalgia affects about 4 million US adults, about 2% of the adult population."

What Causes Fibromyalgia

The causes of fibromyalgia are unclear. They may be different in different people. Current research suggests involvement of the nervous system, particularly the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

Fibromyalgia is not from an autoimmune, inflammation, joint, or muscle disorder. Fibromyalgia may run in families. There likely are certain genes that can make people more prone to getting fibromyalgia and the other health problems that can occur with it. Genes alone, though, do not cause fibromyalgia.

There is most often some triggering factor that sets off fibromyalgia. It may be spine problems, arthritis, injury, or other type of physical stress. Emotional stress also may trigger this illness. The result is a change in the way the body “talks” with the spinal cord and brain. Levels of brain chemicals and proteins may change.

More recently, Fibromyalgia has been described as Central Pain Amplification disorder, meaning the volume of pain sensation in the brain is turned up too high.”

Those with fibromyalgia have a condition called allodynia, which means you have a lower pain threshold. PAIN is more MAGNIFIED than it should be.

Most doctors don’t understand that by RAISING your pain threshold you will dramatically lower your over all pain. 

One of the many reasons The Fibro Rescue Protocols work is because I’ve FOUND WAYS TO NATUALLY RAISE YOUR PAIN THRESHOLD. By using the right protocols you can raise your pain threshold and dramatically reduce or eliminate your fibro pain.

Important please understand that -


Doctors tell you all your symptoms are due to your fibromyalgia. But, fibromyalgia doesn’t cause the chronic pain, fatigue, poor sleep, brain fog and other symptoms…fibromyalgia is just a name used to describe the symptoms.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome. 

A syndrome is a set of medical signs and symptoms, which are correlated with each other and often associated with a particular disease or disorder. The word derives from the Greek σύνδρομον, meaning "concurrence"

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a syndrome. It doesn’t cause the bloating, gas, stomach pain, constipation, and diarrhea. They are merely common symptoms of IBS.

By the way-Using protocols in The Fibro Rescue Training that treat the causes of IBS, you’ll be able to drastically reduce or eliminate the bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea within a couple of weeks.

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome. 

A syndrome is a set of medical signs and symptoms, which are correlated with each other and often associated with a particular disease or disorder. The word derives from the Greek σύνδρομον, meaning "concurrence"

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a syndrome. It doesn’t cause the bloating, gas, stomach pain, constipation, and diarrhea. They are merely common symptoms of IBS.

By the way-Using protocols in The Fibro Rescue Training that treat the causes of IBS, you’ll be able to drastically reduce or eliminate the bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea within a couple of weeks.

Fibromyalgia syndrome is a NAME given to describe the common symptoms associated with the illness. 

It doesn’t cause the pain, fatigue, poor sleep, brain fog, IBS, RLS, and low moods-it only describes the common SYMPTOMS associated with fibromyalgia!

The key to reducing or eliminating the symptoms and overcoming fibromyalgia is to CORRECT the underlying CAUSES of the fibro symptoms!

If you understand this principle you’ll have taken a MAJOR STEP on the road to recovery!

The First Challenge - Getting properly diagnosed.

“There must be something wrong with me. Do I have cancer? Am I dying? Why do I have so much pain? Why am I exhausted day after day? I can’t sleep. My stomach is a mess. I feel terrible.

Why can’t anyone tell me what’s wrong with me.”

It may take several years of frustration and numerous doctor visits before getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

After years of struggling with chronic pain and fatigue, encountering doctors, friends and family who may or may not believe or understand your condition, you’re relieved to FINALLY get a diagnosis!

“There is something wrong with me after all. I have fibromyalgia.”

You feel a sense of relief.

The Second Challenge - Finding a doctor who understands and can help you overcome your fibromyalgia.

Doctors will tell you to get more sleep, exercise, lose some weight, or that your just depressed. 

They obviously DON’T UNDERSTAND you or your fibro.

You’d love to get a good night’s sleep, but never feel refreshed no matter how much sleep you get. You can barely get out of bed each day, there is no way you can exercise. And even if you tried, it would put you into a fibro flare for several days.

Being overweight doesn’t cause fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia causes sabotages your metabolism and causes you to become overweight.

For those who need to lose a few pounds, it doesn’t matter what you eat or don’t eat, you can’t lose weight - your metabolism is shot.

Being depressed doesn’t cause fibromyalgia! But fibromyalgia can cause depression.

Who wouldn’t be a little depressed trying to learn to live with a condition no one understands, suffering day to day with chronic pain, fatigue, IBS, RLS, brain fog, and other chronic life raining symptoms?

Once you get the diagnosis, doctors will STOP LOOKING FOR THE CAUSE OF YOUR SYMPTOMS and will instead sweep ALL your symptoms underneath the fibromyalgia rug. 

They’ll tell you “your poor sleep is caused by fibromyalgia. Your chronic pain (doesn’t matter where) is from your fibromyalgia. Your fatigue is caused by fibromyalgia. Your brain fog is from fibromyalgia.”

It doesn’t matter what your symptom or complaint, doctors will, without further testing, tell you it’s caused by fibromyalgia. You could be growing horns and doctors will shrug and tell you “its your fibromyalgia.”

Symptoms are warning signs that something is wrong with your body.

When your car engine light comes on it's a WARNING SIGN that something is wrong, it needs your attention.

You can ignore the warning sign by covering it up with masking tape. No more light.

But eventually your car, like your body will breakdown.

Instead of looking underneath the hood and finding the causes of your symptoms, doctors will recommend drugs to cover up the warning signs.

This leads to more symptoms and more drugs to cover up the symptoms.

Once you get the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, doctors will treat you differently. 

Some will dismiss you as a hypochondriac, others will think you’re a pill seeker, and some will try to help, but eventually, perhaps secretly, they give up (nothing works, they think) and suggest you “learn to live with it.” 

Getting diagnosed may have initially been a blessing, but it quickly turns into a curse that will follow you the rest of your life!

Once you get diagnosed most doctors will have already decided there isn’t much they can do to help you. They have already erroneously decided you’ll have to learn to live with it. 

In 1990 The American College Of Rheumatology was first to recognize and put forth the criteria for diagnosing fibromyalgia. 

There are three FDA approved drugs for fibromyalgia - 

Savella, Cymbalta, and Lyrica.

There are over 74 FDA approved drugs for type 2 diabetes - a condition that can often be cured simply by changing one’s diet and losing weight. No offense to those suffering with type-2 diabetes, but compared to fibromyalgia, it’s a cakewalk. 

Only three drugs over the course of 30 years!

There isn’t much interest in fibromyalgia.

None of these approved drugs work very well. All have numerous side effects.

Never the less, your doctor will suggest you try one of these drugs and others. Chasing symptoms with drugs, is all he or she knows to do.

You return every few months complaining that you’re not any better, maybe worse. Your doctor(s) tries one drug after another with little to no relief. He refers you to other specialists who try one drug after another. Nothing helps.

Eventually, after months or years without lasting, measurable progress, your doctor(s) gives up, and tells you they don’t know what else to do for you.

Doctors know drugs fail to provide lasting long-term fibromyalgia relief. 

Drugs are a dead-end for fibro. 

They don’t work, at least long term. This is why doctors will tell you to learn to live with it.

Conventional medicine has given up on fibromyalgia.

The Next Challenge - Finding a doctor who will help you correct causes instead of treating symptoms.

Taking drugs to cover up symptoms, INSTEAD OF CORRECTING THE UNDERLYING CAUSES of your fibro pain, fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, etc, is potentially dangerous, and offers little if any long term relief.

Taking pain meds, Lyrica, or any of the common drugs typically recommended for fibro, DOESN’T fix the CAUSE(S) of your fibro symptoms, it may temporarily reduce (hopefully) the symptoms…….but they won’t fix the cause of your symptoms.

Using drugs alone won’t stop your symptoms from multiplying and getting worse. Eventually as your health is sabotaged by drug side effects, a sedentary lifestyle, poor sleep, and the stress and strain of fibromyalgia, additional drugs are recommended. Soon you’re taking handfuls of pills each day yet feel worse instead of better.

The ONLY WAY to overcome fibromyalgia is to get healthy!

Drugs don’t make you healthy. They can be helpful, even life saving. And sometimes they are the only choice but they don’t make you healthy. There is a time and a place for drug therapy.

However, in the case of fibromyalgia the drugs are used to treat symptoms not the underlying causes of the symptoms.

Taking drugs to cover up the symptoms of fibro is like having to repeatedly mop the kitchen floor after it rains. 

Mopping the wet floor TEMPORARILY removes the symptom (a wet floor). However, every time it rains, the floor is wet and you must mop it again. 

The symptom is the wet kitchen floor.

The cause is the leaky roof. 

You can continue to ignore the leaky roof and “live with the wet kitchen floor,” but eventually there will be additional problems to deal with. The leak gets worse, the ceiling collapses, and the floor must be replaced.

Wouldn’t it be better the fix the leaky roof instead of enduring years of repeatedly mopping the kitchen floor?

And ... Wouldn’t it be better to fix the underlying causes of your fibro symptoms, rather than taking potentially dangerous drugs to cover them up?

You can’t drug your way out of fibromyalgia.

Trying to cover up symptoms instead of correcting causes is expensive, fruitless, a dead end for fibromyalgia.

Fixing the underlying causes of your fibro symptoms is the KEY FOR REDUCING OR ELIMINATING FIBROMYALGIA SYMPTOMS and feeling good again!

After working with thousands of fibro patients over the last 20 years I’ve been able to uncover THE KEY underlying causes of fibromyalgia pain, fatigue, poor sleep, IBS, low moods, and brain fog.

And more importantly I’ve developed SPECIAL protocols to fix these underlying causes of chronic fibro pain, fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, IBS, RLS, and low moods.

The Fibro Rescue Training is designed and has been PROVEN to FIX the underlying causes of your fibro symptoms.

For POSITIVE LONG LASTING RESULTS, correcting the underlying causes of your fibro symptoms and not merely treating symptoms, is the ONLY THING PROVEN to work, time and time again!

"This is a great program! I'm still working on getting my formulas right, but the coaching has helped so much! Just finding out the why's of how I feel, has been so wonderful. You will receive so much information and understanding. Worth the time and the money for Dr. M's Program!!!"


The Next Challenge you’ll face - staying on course and not getting lost along the way.

Discouraged with conventional medicine, you may reach out to an integrative doctor, one who combines natural therapies with prescription drugs. Or you may seek out a functional medicine doctor who focuses on holistic health.

But, unless they SPECIALIZE in fibromyalgia, have had years and years of experience with treating difficult fibromyalgia patients, the results will usually be the same, fleeting, perhaps minor improvement, but nothing dramatic and nothing long term. 

Fibromyalgia is a uniquely, complicated illness, different from all other conditions. It shows no mercy for those who won’t take the time (years) to understand or respect how complicated it can be.

It takes years and years of special training and hundreds of cases, to be able to understand and know what does and doesn’t work for fibromyalgia.  There are few doctors who truly understand it or know what REALLY works. Most have treated few if any fibro patients and are recommending treatments they’d use for their other “normal” patients.

Doctor’s who are successful treating more common conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, are humbled and discouraged by the lack of positive results they see in their fibro patients.  

Most doctors fail to help their patients because they DON’T TRULY UNDERSTAND FIBROMYALGIA.

I’m interviewed on multiple podcasts, summits, and documentaries every month. NOT a single one these leading health experts understands fibromyalgia. Some think fibro is an autoimmune disease. It’s not. Some think its due to inflammation. It isn’t. 

Others believe it can be effectively treated with parasite cleanses, detox diets, antivirals, antifungals, or by bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), low dose naltrexone (LDN), having your amalgams removed, chelation, gluten free diets, and other misguided treatments that don’t offer lasting relief and often make fibromyalgia worse, NOT BETTER.

It’s easy to get ‘lost” and spend a lot of time and money, detoxing, doing “parasite cleanses,” trying one diet after another, taking all sorts of expensive supplements only to realize you’re going in the wrong direction! Wasting time and money is a common theme in the fibro community.

In fact I hear all the time how patients have spent thousands of dollars on doctors, therapies and programs that involve cleanses, special diets, shakes, and other therapies that fail to help reduce the chronic pain and other symptoms associated with fibro.

This doesn’t mean they are bad doctors, or bad people, they simply don’t have the experience necessary to TRULY understand fibromyalgia. They don’t know the KEY MUST DO steps needed for dramatic and long lasting fibro relief.

Instead of KNOWING and recommending the KEY protocols, they end up putting the cart in front of the horse. All progress is ground to a halt. Another therapy fails.


Fibromyalgia is a special illness and requires special knowledge, a deep understanding and PROVEN time tested protocols, designed specifically to FIX the underlying CUASES of fibromyalgia. 

What works for a “normal” patient, doesn’t work for fibromyalgia.

Think about how complicated you are. Look at all your symptoms. Where do you start? You’ve probably been to numerous doctors and gotten little, if any positive long lasting results.

Trying to find a doctor who believes in fibro, many don’t, TRULY understands it, few do, and knows how to successfully treat it, even fewer, is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately, you’ve found a needle in the haystack!

I not only believe in and thoroughly understand fibromyalgia, I know first hand from 20+ years of experience what works and what doesn’t.

And based on learning from and successfully treating thousands of patients I have developed PROTOCOLS proven to correct the underlying causes of your fibro symptoms allowing you to reduce or eliminate your pain, fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, IBS, and other fibro symptoms.

Don’t waste time and money on treatments that won’t result in significant improvement.

The Next Challenge - Trying to figure it all out by yourself!

Perhaps you’ve tried to find help from the Internet, friends, the health food store, or support groups. You’ve probably spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying different remedies.

CBD, Fibrorelief, keto diet, LDN, massage, TENS units, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, malic acid, medical marijuana, magnesium, turmeric, probiotics……are some of the many remedies promoted for fibromyalgia.

They may be helpful but none of these will give the long term relief you’re looking for…..they don’t treat the underlying CUASES of your fibro symptoms.

The end result is the same, a cabinet FULL of drugs and supplements, money spent, but NO LASTING RELIEF from your fibro pain and fatigue.

Trying to be your OWN doctor leads to frustration and disappointment.

Fibromylgia is too complicated to try to figure out by all by yourself.

Think about it.

The majority of doctors, including ones at Mayo and other top clinics, don’t understand fibromyalgia. Their treatments over the last 20 plus years have failed to offer long term lasting results!

This is why they recommend, “learning to live with it.”

If the most sophisticated medical system in the world is stumped for meaningful answers for fibromyalgia, what makes you think you can figure it out by yourself?

You can’t!  

I applaud you for being proactive, for trying to figure it all out! A lot of folks faced with fibro, simply accept their doctors advice, give-up and try to “learn to live with it.”

You’ve probably already spent thousands of dollars trying to find help for your fibromyalgia pain and fatigue.

In fact it’s been estimated that over their lifetime, those with fibromyalgia will spend over 2 million dollars, $600,000 out of pocket, on their health care. 

Sadly, much of it wasted on doctor visits, drugs, supplements, and other treatments that yield little if any positive results.

To be successful in anything, find someone that has had repeated success in what you desire. And do EXACTLY what they did.

Want to be a top golfer? Take lessons from a golf pro.

Want to learn how to snow ski? Take lessons from a ski instructor.

The QUICKEST, SUREST way to be successful, is to find a program, coach, teacher or guide that has had consistent success, time and time again and follow their directions.

For over 20 years I’ve devoted my life to working with some of the most complicated fibro patients around the world.

I’ve been able gain the knowledge and expertise to create special step-by-step DO IT YOURSELF protocols, PROVEN to dramatically reduce the pain, fatigue, poor sleep, and other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia

“… I tell people to do their research and learn about fibromyalgia like I did, with Dr. Murphree’s online tools… I am doing stuff now, thanks to you (Dr. Murphree) that I haven’t done in 20 years! Back to gardening 3-4 hours a day!” 


“My symptoms included extreme fatigue, bursitis in my hips, and general pain all over. I went to many different doctors, and had multiple blood tests done, all of which I was told were normal… NOW, I am doing everything I used to do again... Dr. Murphree has helped me tremendously in the process of getting my health back on track!”


“I was absolutely exhausted all the time. I’m actually able to wear my wedding ring again after 7 years! Now – this is the first time in my adult life I’ve felt healthy! I recommend your book to everyone!”


Stop trying to figure it all out. You won’t.

Stop throwing money away chasing symptoms. It doesn’t work.

There are too many symptoms. And it’s too complicated.

Stop trying to reinvent the wheel! You don’t need the stress!

I’ve already invented and PERFECTED the wheel (The Fibro Rescue Training).

Having fibromyalgia is tough enough.  You shouldn’t have to try to figure it all out yourself.  AND YOU DON’T!

I’ve already figured it all out for you!

All you have to do is follow the PROVEN, step-by-step protocols in the Fibro Rescue Training and you’ll be able to reduce or eliminate your pain, fatigue, poor sleep, flares, brain fog, IBS, RLS, and low moods.

Have you ever gotten lost when traveling? I have and it’s no fun. Before there were car satellite directions, you’d have to use a real road map.

You wouldn’t set up for a new travel destination without a map. It would be too easy to get lost.

Too many of you are trying to get to your destination without a map and without directions. Without a map and directions it’s easy to get lost and spend years on doctors and treatments that get you no closer to your destination.

The Fibro Rescue Training provides the map and easy to follow directions. To be successful simply consult the map and follow the directions.

You see I’ve already done the hard part for you! I’ve created the map and the directions you need to be successful. It took me 20 years and thousands of hours of study, working with thousands of patients to create such a thorough well thought out program. 

You don’t have to spend years researching and trying different therapies to see if they’ll work. I’ve spent thousands of hours creating the content that goes into the Fibro Rescue Training. 

I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have too!

What Is The Fibro Rescue Training Program And Why Does It Work?

The Fibro Rescue Training Is Based On 20 Years Of Success Working With Thousands Of Fibromyalgia Patients.

The Training condenses thousands of hours of research, knowledge and expertise into easy to follow, step-by step training videos.

The training allows you to gain the information you need to start correcting the causes of your symptoms.

It’s designed so that anyone who wants to get healthier, reduce or eliminate their chronic pain, poor sleep, fatigue, brain fog, IBS, RLS, low moods, and anxiety can do so SIMPLY by FOLLOWING proven protocols.

Within days of starting your health journey you can start to dramatically reduce or eliminate the most common fibro symptoms including poor sleep, chronic pain, fatigue, fibro fog, IBS, bloating, gas, reflux, constipation, loose BMs, IBS, low moods, anxiety, and RLS.


The Fibro Rescue Protocols Correct The Underlying Causes of Symptoms

The Training Is Designed to Help You Remove As Many Fibro Symptoms As Quickly As Possible.

If you have 15 tacks in your foot and I remove 2 or 3 tacks will you notice a difference? Not really. With so many symptoms, improving one or two isn’t going to make much of a difference.

What If You Could Remove A Dozen Tacks In A Short Period Of Time? Would That Make A Difference In Your Life? 

You bet it does!

The Fibro Rescue Training Program is designed to fix the underlying causes of your fibromyalgia symptoms. The protocols allow you to dramatically reduce or eliminate the most common fibro symptoms in the quickest time possible.

Take a deep breath. You’re going to be ok.  You got this! You can do it!

You found the needle in the haystack. I’m giving you THE MAP, and the precise step-by-step directions you need to be successful in reaching your health destination.

You’re about to take an important life changing, for some life saving, health journey that will allow you to overcome your fibromyalgia and start living again.

I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to help you get healthier, FIX the causes of your symptoms, and begin to feel good again!

By using my Fibro Rescue Training you’ll avoid the challenges that keep you searching for answers, wasting time and money, feeling frustrated, and “learning to live with it.”

You’ll be using PROVEN protocols from a fibromyalgia expert with 20 years experience, who has successfully helped thousands of patients feel good again.

You’ll have THE MAP and step-by-step directions to make sure your reach your health destination.

I’ll be there for you every step of the way ... 

answering questions and sharing additional information you need during the LIVE Q&A’s we will spend together each month.

By using my Fibro Rescue Training, you’ll learn the exact, step-by-step protocols my fibro patients have used ...

to dramatically reduce or eliminate their chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, fibro flares, low moods, IBS, and RLS.

You’ll be able to:

  • CORRECT the underlying causes of your fibromyalgia symptoms, and dramatically reduce your pain, fatigue, brain fog, IBS, anxiety, low moods, and RLS (without drugs)
  • boost you mental and physical energy within days of starting the training
  • know the specific (for you) natural protocols you need to fall asleep within minutes and sleep through the  night, night after night
  • eliminate irritable bowel bloating, gas, pain, constipation and diarrhea for good
  • correct leaky gut
  • eliminate yeast overgrowth
  • prevent fibro flares so that you can do the things you want and love to do
  • know if and when you should exercise or not and what, if any, exercises you should start and when and how to start them
  • -self-test and treat low thyroid problems to correct hair loss, fatigue, nerve pain, headaches, constipation, cold hands/feet, dry skin, low moods, and weight gain
  • know what labs I recommend, how to get them done locally without a doctors order and how to interpret them (with my help)
  • know what’s the best EASY TO FOLLOW diet for reducing pain and inflammation
  • know how to use the right combination of natural supplements to quickly reduce (within minutes) anxiety and begin to treat your depression
  • uncover your hidden food allergies with the appropriate diet and or testing
  • know which foods you should avoid
  • dramatically reduce the frequency and severity of migraines
  • use the best stress reducing techniques for reducing pain
  • know which drugs you should avoid and how to work with your doctor to wean off any undesirable medications.

You won’t find another program like this…because there isn’t one.

I created it SPECIFICALLY for you.

You can continue to search for answers, listen to doctors who haven’t and won’t be able to help you, try unproven supplements, diets, or therapies, or to try to do it yourself wasting time and money. 

OR ...

You can join The Fibro Rescue Training and within days of beginning the easy to follow protocols, start feeling better than you have in years.

If you’re ready to feel good again, I’m ready to give you THE MAP, the SPECIFIC step-by-step directions, the proven protocols, and the training and SUPPORT you need to reach your health destination.

Let's Do This TOGETHER!

LIFE is too short to “learn to live with it.” Take action now to learn how YOU CAN OVERCOME it!

Join Now And Save Hundreds Of Dollars