From Bedridden With Fibro to Hiking Mountains Again!

“I knew something was drastically wrong with me, but the doctors didn’t seem to have a clue. I became deathly ill, and was totally bed ridden. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t sure I would pull through. I lay in bed and felt like every organ in my body was being attacked. At 52 years old, I didn’t want my life to end yet.” 

Janna had been sick, really sick, for years.

Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she’d consulted numerous specialists, tried all sorts of remedies, diets, supplements, drugs, physical therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, nothing had helped.

She was desperate. With tears in his eyes and desperation in his voice, John Anderson (Janna's husband), shared, that without a dramatic turn around, this may be his wife’s last Christmas. 

“You’re our last hope,” he said.  

I often ask patients what is their why? Why do they want to get healthy? What’s their motivation?

Janna’s “why” was,  “I want to be able to hike the mountains with John again.”

Janna was determined.  She joined my coaching program.

Within a month of starting the program and making the changes I recommended, not only was she out of bed, she felt and looked better than she’d had in years. 

And within a few months, she was back hiking mountains in Colorado with John once again.

“I have energy and can make it through the day without going back to bed, whereas before, I could only be up for a short time before laying down again. The pain I was in is about 95% reduced. 

I am doing everything I used to do again. In fact, we have been on vacation in the mountains this month, and I have done everything from hiking to biking and canoeing!

My husband and I have commented over and over about how different things are from just a few months ago.

I highly recommend Dr. Murphree’s program. Your health is so important, and it is worth every penny to get a doctor who truly cares and can actually do something to help you.”  - Janna Anderson

There were some CRUCIAL changes that made all the difference in Janna being able to overcome being bedridden, with chronic pain, fatigue and other fibromyalgia symptoms.

One CRUCIAL step in particular, is KEY for overcoming pain and fatigue. This one step helped 52 year-old Chris, regain her health and play basketball once again.

Yes, basketball.

Let me explain.

Like Janna, Chris Ackman, had been ill for many y ears. She’d been to numerous doctors. Tried all sorts of drugs, supplements and therapies.

Nothing had worked.

She was miserable, ready to literally give up on life (I wanted to “self gas myself”).

While Janna was motivated to get well so she could hike mountains with her husband again-

Chris wanted to play basketball with her grandchildren.

Chris wanted more than anything else to be involved, active with her three sons, daughter, and 8 grandkids, and yes play basketball.

Fibro Rescue Member Chris Ackman:

“By the time I found Dr Murphree I was house bound, couldn’t drive…

I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) at 16, fibromyalgia , osteoarthritis in 95% of my joints 20 years ago. Interstitial Cystitis, IC, I think 8 years ago now.

I was house bound, couldn’t drive, pay bills, my desk was a clustered mess as was my brain.

Within two weeks working with Dr M in the group, coaching program, I was sleeping again, finally. In two months I was building up stamina, getting stronger, doing more, traveling again.

By six months I was confident behind the wheel again. Everything just kept building from there.

I’ve seen no other doctors, I am on no meds. My mood is great. I can have toddlers all day again and truly enjoy them and not be wiped out for a week after. My desk is organized again… I could go on and on and on.”

Here is a fun SHORT video Chris shared: